for our 8th annual conference at Whittlebury Hall Hotel. Prices will remain the same as for 2018. Presentations will focus on the trials running here in the UK and the USA. We will have 3 visiting doctors from Washington University Hospital to give presentations. Further details and booking form will follow.
The 7th annual conference on 6th October was gain well attended with some members attending for the first time. We had presentations from some of the Birmingham team, a presentation and workshops held by Philip Warford from Renaissance Legal and Psychology workshops run by Dr Angela Reiersen from Washington University Hospital, USA. Videos from the day can be seen by clicking on the relevant links below. Dr Denise Williams Adult clinic services and genetics -
Prof Tim Barrett – TreatWolfram Clinical Trial Update -
Philip Warford from Renaissance Legal
Prof Raj Gupta – Neurology
Saturday 7th October 2017
Our 6th WS conference was once again held at Whittlebury Hall Hotel with many families and individuals returning once again. This isn’t just a chance to hear updates but also to socialise with each other and the doctors outside of clinic. We had the Royal National College Hereford attend once again and put on some VI sports taster sessions for everyone and this year we also had a Benefits advisor attend. Videos from the day can be seen by using the links below.

Clinical Trial Update by Prof Tim Barrett and Kristian Brock -
‘Visual Loss in WS’ by Dr Patrick Yu Wai Man -
‘USA Trial Update’ by Mrs Stephanie Gebel -
Wolfram Syndrome and the Bladder – Dr Malcolm Lewis -
The 5th annual conference took place on Saturday 8th October 2016 with the news that clinical drug trials will be due to start by the end of the year in USA & in the summer 2017 here in the UK. Here is the link for the first of our video presentations from this year’s conference -
All other videos from the conference...
Wolfram Syndrome Conference 2015

Videos from the WS Conference 2014

Prof. Tim Barrett explains the infrastructure of WS research within the UK.
Dr Fumi Urano talking about Patient based Therapeutics for Wolfram Syndrome.
Dr Nicola Beer talking about what happens to your skin biopsy.
Prof. Tim Barrett - ‘Developing treatments for Wolfram Syndrome in Birmingham’.
Slides from a PowerPoint presentation given by Rachel Bates detailing current at the information day on 20th October 2012. (Includes Notes)
Speech from the 2012 Information Day detailing the year's fund raising efforts.
Slides from a PowerPoint presentation given by Professor Tim Barrett detailing current and future research in WS. January 2012.

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