Distance Aware Shields

Maintaining social distancing is everyone’s responsibility going forward. While the general public has made a very conscious effort to abide by the guidance, as with anything, fatigue sets in. This coupled with the increased anxiety of many around contracting the virus is where the ability to offer polite prompts has been welcomed in many settings.

Distance Aware aims to provide polite prompting to maintain distance (where possible) by use of consistent and instantly recognisable symbolism.

Individuals have an understanding of personal responsibility and respect for others. While wanting to support vulnerable groups there is a wider societal need thus inclusivity has been key in their approach.

The name we have settled on for this NHS led initiative is ‘Distance Aware’.
The campaign aims to act as a polite reminder to maintain respectful distancing around others when possible.

We are aware that relevant messages will vary by audience, however we believe it is important the key messaging remains consistent across organisations.

They have developed a visual icon that is designed to be worn or displayed. It works as an indicator to others that the wearer/organisation is aware of the need for distance, and would like others to maintain a respectful distance where possible.

It is NOT meant to be an identifier of someone who has been shielding or may have any specific health conditions.

We have been allowed to adapt the shield to add the WSUK logo for the images for Social media or for any items we would like to produce. There are different colour variations to choose. Please contact the office if you would like a copy of this.

We have been told that all Asda stores will be giving out Distance Aware Badges at some point.

The buttons below will give you the different poster options there are if you would like to print off one of these for your home or workplace.