Breaking Down Barriers Y2 – Video clips of your experiences – March 2022

The first video clips from members of the WS community are now available and can be viewed on the WSUK website at:

Thank you to everyone who has taken part! Your stories are amazing!

We are continuing to edit videos from other community members, so this page will be updated regularly. Please keep checking back to view more new videos.

If you have already recorded your video, Thank you! We will contact you to approve your final video clip(s) before uploading onto the website and we will also let you know when it available for everyone to view.

If you’ve not yet recorded a video, but would like to, please contact Tracy
( as we have scope to include 1-2 more within the current project.

Please remember appearing on camera is optional, you can simply speak instead. Your video will be edited before it is uploaded, so you don’t need to be word perfect