7 ways to build confidence with 6 affirmations to try at home

“7 ways to build confidence”

These are top tips from confidence coach Lizi Jackson – Barrett you could try.

~ Stop comparing – we often compare the ‘worst’ in ourselves with the ‘best’ in others. Forget your flaws & focus on the traits you love about yourself.

~ Check your inner chat – if you are having lots of negative thoughts, choose some daily affirmations to directly counteract them.

~ Act confident, feel confident – a visible disability might feel like the first thing people notice about you, & this can affect your self-esteem. How would a confident you tackle things? Give it a go!

~ Make a love list! – next time someone says something nice about you, first say “thank you” & then note it down. Look back for a self-esteem boost when you have a wobble.

~ Choose your company wisely – if someone negatively affects your confidence, try to get some distance from them. Put downs are usually less about you & more about their own issues.

~ Have feelgood friends – create opportunities to be with those who encourage you & see the best in you.

~ Give it time – choose what resonates & keep practising. The awkwardness will pass, & you will notice a difference.

6 daily affirmations to try at home

Self worth – ‘I am enough’

Confidence – ‘I will find a way’

Resilience – ‘I choose to trust the process’

Confidence – ‘I value myself’

Acceptance – ‘I love myself & accept myself’

Resilience – ‘I grow with every challenge’