Videos from our WS community.

Sarah Symptoms – Bladder

Sarah Symptoms – Diabetes Mellitus & Vision Impairment

Sarah’s Diagnosis

Shiffa – Managing Mental Health Issues

Shiffa’s Diagnosis

Shiffa – Supporting my younger brother with WS

Gavin – Fatigue

Abby – How WS helps to build resilience

Abby – Life doesn’t end when you’re diagnosed with WS

Zeshan’s Story

Shiffa – Living an independent life with vision problems

Aya – Using a cane

Shane – Living alone with WS

Clare – Living with a Guide Dog

Clare with Maggie

Abby – Living Independently

Shiffa – Staying positive at School

Ayan – Life at University

Shiffa – Achieving success at College and University

Shiffa – Finding a job

Ayan’s Top Tips

Shiffa – “We can do anything other people do”

Clare’s top tips – about being active

Ayan’s Hobbies – Origami, reading and hiking

Clare – Tandem Cycling

Clare riding on her tandem

Clare – Crown Green Bowling for Visually Impaired

Ayan – Connecting with others through WSUK and accessing support

Shiffa – Connecting with another WS person

Abby – Finding and asking for help

Mr Uddin – Managing my daughter’s Diabetes

Mirvat’s Story

A Mum’s Story