Fundraising Inspiration

Why not try to think of a way of fundraising?

It could be anything from selling cakes to work colleagues, having a dress down day or wear odd sock day in the office, organising a small raffle to something larger like having a karaoke night in your local pub.


Are you part of a group, team or organisation?

Why not try to organise a sponsored event, perhaps with a small prize for the person who raises the most as a small incentive? If you’re part of a choir or orchestra how about obtaining permission from your local town council to perform in the town centre with collection buckets for donations from passers-by especially if there is a public event taking place i.e. Christmas Market?


Easy Fundraising

You can sign up to organised events like Great Park Run, London Marathon etc. You just need to search for what you would like to do and then sign up to the relevant event using the organisers website.

An easy way for everyone to fundraise is through online shopping. We are registered with 2 online shopping portals who have thousands of retailers registered that will make a donation when you shop with them at no extra cost to you. You just have to shop via them. We are also registered with Amazon Smile and Ebay for Charity. Links to these and others can be found on the ‘Other Ways to Fundraise Page’.

Have you considered Payroll giving? Speak with your Employer/HR Department to see if this is possible. The donation is deducted from your salary each month and paid directly to us. Or you can arrange to set up a monthly direct debit straight to the Charity. You can complete a Gift Aid declaration if you are a tax payer and we will claim that every month for you. Forms can be found here for a single donation or here for multiple donations i.e. every month

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. If you do fundraise for WSUK then please contact us for any advice you may need and take plenty of pictures so we can add them to our website along with information about what and how you have raised funds so we can share it with everyone else.

Did you know we are partnered with Jeans for Genes in their 50/50 Partnership scheme?

How it works – If your school or workplace have never signed up to take part in Jeans for Genes or haven’t done anything with them for over three years then you can help us this way 

Jeans for Genes Day raises funds from school children and employees who wear their jeans to school and work in exchange for a small donation. Under the 50/50 income share scheme, WSUK will be given half of the proceeds from a Jeans for Genes Day event provided the school or workplace has been encouraged to take part by one of our members.

All the school or workplace has to do is select our organisation’s name at the bottom of the Jeans for Genes Day registration page. If the school or workplace you recruit continues to hold a Jeans for Genes Day in future years, then WSUK will continue to benefit from 50% of the funds they raise. 

Collect Stamps for Wolfram 

How you can benefit families by saving and sending used postage stamps.

Download Stamp Document

Your Fundraising Stories

2023 – Newly diagnosed family starts fundraising

February 2020 – Race 2 Amsterdam

2016 – Exmoor Young Farmers Sponsored Bike Ride

Fabulous Fundraising!