Face Masks Advice – 28th May 2020

Following the advice given to us to wear face masks when out in public where it is difficult to social distance, here is some guidance from Prof Barrett:

It is likely that wearing masks in public spaces helps reduce transmission of Covid19.

The biggest effect is reducing the wearer’s chances of passing on the virus to others. There is little protection to the wearer from others.

While tightly fitted ‘PPE’ masks should be reserved for social and health care workers, the general public can help reduce transmission with cloth or paper masks.

Surgical grade masks are good but expensive

Home made masks work, but must fit the nose and mouth as tightly as possible.

Paper and cloth can both be effective; multiple layers of material are better than single layers.

If you wear a mask, wash or change it regularly, and always after it has become damp.

Try not to touch your mask; wash your hands before putting it on and before and after taking it off.